Pitch Investor Deck

Investor Pitch Deck design

Reclamador.com I designed a presentation from scratch based on the brand’s graphic guidelines with a clean, clear slide design, infographics and text composition. — Custom design— Graphics, spreadsheets, icons— With creative layouts and editable texts


HIMALAYA mang studio

Visual Identity Himalaya. Himalaya, conscious cuisine, connects with nature. The objective was to develop a whole visual image for HIMALAYA, a new restaurant concept. Where to live an experience that reconnects you with your inner self and your wellbeing. — It respects the sustainability of the planet. — Passion and care in all our services. […]

Mare Ràfols

Visual Identity and Signage Mare Rafols Residence. Visual identity and signage for a Residence located in Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona). Managed by the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Santa Ana. Located in a natural environment, surrounded by vineyards, it is characterised by its hospitality and spaciousness. After the architectural refurbishment of the entire […]

Mas del Rosari

Visual Identity Mas del Rosari is a Dental Health Clinic and Facial Aesthetics. The objective was to redesign its image to extend the dental concept to the whole smile and face. Charisma, humanity, knowledge and ability. Flexibility and trust. Humane and close treatment as an added value, by the doctor who runs the clinic. Sincere, […]

Mailbox EARTH

Mailbox EARTH Eco-friendly packaging project for cups made from recycled coffee grounds material. Inside we gave a second use to the box with some crossword puzzles or recirculating pastimes to exercise your mind while you enjoy your coffee.



Visual identity It is a company dedicated to Custom Plasma cutting for use in furniture and decoration. The aim was to create an elegant, technological, exclusive brand… That far from looking like a machining company, was a company aimed at users who want to customize their own home with windows, decoration, metal furniture made to […]

Bliss coffee

Bliss packing design

Visual identity and Packaging design Bliss is an organic coffee 100% natural roast Arabica. The concept is inspired by coffee as a happy moment of the day.The logo is a custom-made typography with this concept to achieve a visual image that transmits happiness but always without falling into the naïf and that also has an […]


fashion and accessories Rebranding for a women’s clothing and accessories store in Valencia (Spain). The initial logo did not correspond to the store’s clothing style, bohemian, chic and young. We kept the tulip of the simplified brand and played with a serif typography to give that elegant touch.

mang self branding

For my personal brand, I created a monogram with my name and surname (M/S). I wanted something that represented my own style: elegant, clean and simple. I really like the beauty of geometric shapes, and I usually use them in my designs. The business cards were manually printed at LASEISCUATRO using the letterpress technique. The […]

montin simone

Montin Simone is a new brand based in Italy (Padova), of Wine Consulting. Simone’s added value is the closeness to his clients, the personal & friendly attention, and his huge professional experience as a sumiller. The concept is about positive thinking and the glass half full

Minerva Lopez

MINERVA is a brand for an administrative services agency based in Aragon, Spain. We were asked for a simple and elegant logo, with personality and able to inspire confidence in its clients.


Brief: We were asked to do naming and branding for a candy shop. The object of the briefing was to differentiate the shop from other candy stores in the area, which were classic stores. Brand description: actual + modern + kind + sweet Target: children and also adults. Naming: Hänsel. It is based on the […]



FOEDEX is a spanish agency for cultural immersion and abroad study experiences. The logotype represents the dynamism of foreign students and culture exchanges. It also represents the letters F and X of FOEDEX.


For the creation of this new brand reference was made to wine storages or wine libraries. The brand name is a fusion of enoteca + Ana, (name of manager ). We aim to spread the wine culture offering wine tastings and tastings of products of the region . The result was a modern, feminine and […]


NACE Corporate Identity *Project made at Agencia Rosebud

JM wedding card

This is a personal project. The concept for this wedding was origami and the crane as a symbol for the union between two people. The invitation aim was to communicate just by folding it. When you joined together the two sides of the invitation, also the initals of the bride and groom were united.

din A2

As a concept to develop this brand, we use the standard ISO DIN paper format, in order to play with straight and close lines that remind the construction and closed spaces.

happy new projects

Happy New Projects. Self promo flyers. As a element of self promotion and for wish a happy new year to all my clients, I did this lettering with pen and markers, and after I draw it in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, I add some textures in Photoshop. I printed it on a postcard and send by […]